Satin Stitches Ltd. has been producing performance costumes for over thirty five years.

Our costumes and uniforms are manufactured with longevity in mind, as our clients DEMAND it! Many groups need their uniforms and costumes to last for 3 to 5 to even 10 years. We use couture-construction methods to insure that a Satin Stitches® costume or uniform will last a very long time. So your team can keep wearing them for season after season, or until they sell them to another group.

Because of this, Satin Stitches® has also learned how our specialty performance costumes need to be cleaned and taken care of. We ALWAYS provide a "costume care swatch" with every order. This is a very valuable tool. It has all the fabrics and trims that we used, when manufacturing your costumes on it. You can use it to test laundering options and you can use it to test spot cleaning. An example: if one of your dancers gets lipstick on their costume, mark your "costume care swatch" with the same lipstick and try to remove it from this swatch, BEFORE you attempt the same procedure on the actual costume. Another example: if you plan to use a local dry-cleaning establishment to clean your uniforms, have them try the "costume care swatch" first, and see if they do a good job.

We have been offering our COSTUME CARE SERVICE for perhaps twenty years now, driving by the needs of our customers. If you don't trust your own laundering ability or that of your local dry-cleaners, we use our local establishments that have been tried and true, to maintain the integrity of your costumes and uniforms. We take the worry out of costume care, with this service!

Deborah, our founder, has written many nationally and locally published articles on all aspects of costume care, and continues with her blogs addressing these issues.

In searching for accessories and products that help reduce or eliminate costume care problems. We have sought out, tried and recommend these products:

  • FRESH AGAIN® Odor-eliminating sprays and FRESH AGAIN® Laundry Detergent that you can use for your hand-washing needs and eliminate odors from your costumes at the same time.
  • Hollywood Fashion Secrets® with all their costume-enhancing products (especially the underarm perspiration control pads called "Garment Shields".
  • Purchase all of these fine products directly from Satin Stitches® Online or directly at our Satin Stitches® Showroom/Production Facility in suburban Minneapolis.

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