How Does This All Work? - Solo


Since you're reading this far, you may already know that Satin Stitches® manufactures only custom designed performance apparel; dance, cheerleading, skating, frontline, whatever. We don't have a catalog of cheap, poorly designed, cookie-cutter fashions! BUT, you ask, "how do I order custom solo performance costumes if I can't just pickup a catalog, chose a boring Style Number, phone in my Visa number and wait 4-6 boring weeks for my boring outfits to arrive?"

Well, at Satin Stitches®, we have been answering that question FOR OVER 40 YEARS! In 10 steps, Here's How This All Works!

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Choose a Custom Dance Costume designed by Satin Stitches

You, the customer, ask yourself three important questions:

  • Do I want something that I can't find anywhere else; something really special, an idea that I have in my head, a different version of a style in a catalog - that is really fabulous?
  • Do I know that I can't sew it myself, I don't have a local dressmaker with the talent for the job, or that I just wouldn't be able to find the right fabrics, trims or even a pattern?
  • Do I have a budget that could accommodate the higher price of a custom design, perhaps $400 - $800 (with no trim - there are additional costs for rhinestoning or adding other trims.), instead of a boring stock catalog design of $80 - $200?

If all the above answers are YES, then do we have a deal for you!

Get your Solo Dance Costumes estimate from Satin Stitches

Read our informational page and fill out our form to receive your FREE SOLO COSTUME DESIGN ESTIMATE.

Send your Custom Dance Costumes ideas to Satin Stitches

Email, fax or mail a sketch OR forward us your visual inspirations (photos of custom dance costumes details) and a summary of what you are looking for. Please give us as many details as possible, in addition to your contact information and the other information that we request on our form (Step #2).

Answer questions about the requirements for your Solo Dance Costumes from Satin Stitches

Here's one of the scary steps! Our Customer Service person will grill you, either via email or by phone, about your answers in Step 1, 2 and 3. Don't worry - they won't bite and this will give us (and maybe you) a much better idea of exactly what you want.

Get an Estimate of your Solo Dance Costumes from Satin Stitches

At this point, our design team will recommend whatever technical or artistic changes may be needed to make a workable, producible, dazzling, high fashion design. We will then figure out a preliminary price estimate for your garment, based on your specifications!  You will send us an approximate 50% deposit (based on our preliminary estimate) via check, money order or credit card (PayPal). 

Approve the Sketch or your Solo Dance Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Next, you will receive a fully detailed sketch with fabric suggestions, for your approval. At this time you may request changes to your sketch and, if you wish to see your fabric swatches in person, we can mail those at no cost to you.

Send size or measurements of your Solo Dance Costumes to Satin Stitches

Once your final sketch and price point has been approved by you, you will email us your measurements (taken as we suggest) and/or pick a size from our Satin Stitches® Size Charts.

Try your Solo Dance Costumes on for size at Satin Stitches

We will order the fabric and trim, make your pattern, cut out and baste together your costume and then we will send you the costume for a fitting, where you will be able to dictate the exact fit and styling that you would like. You will send the costume back to us so we can finish it up for you. If you are in the Twin Cities metro area, you will want to book an appointment.

Make your payment for your Solo Dance Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Your final bill will be tallied, according to the cost of the EXACT materials and labor that is used on your custom costume. You can make your final payment via check, money order or credit card (PayPal).

Excitedly await the arrival of your Solo Dance Costume from Satin Stitches

Sit back, sip a latte, and wait for your sensational performance apparel to arrive!