How Does This All Work? - Team

The complete guide to ordering custom designed team performance costumes or uniforms from Satin Stitches®

Since you're reading this far, you may already know that Satin Stitches® manufactures only custom designed performance apparel; dance, cheer, skating, frontline, show choir costumes/uniforms, whatever. We don't have a catalog of cheap, poorly designed, cookie-cutter fashions! BUT, you ask, "how do I order dance apparel if I can't just pick up a catalog, chose a boring Style Number, phone in my Visa number and wait 4-6 boring weeks for my boring (same old, same old) outfits to arrive?"

Well, at Satin Stitches®, we have been answering that question FOR OVER 40 YEARS! In 10 steps, Here's How This All Works!

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Choose Custom Dance Costume designed by Satin Stitches

You, the customer, ask yourself three important questions:

  • Do I want something that I can't find anywhere else; something for a themed performance, an idea that I have in my head, a different version of a style in a catalog - something that is high quality & will hold up to our rigorous performance schedule and last for many years?
  • Do I know that I can't sew it myself, I don't have a local dressmaker with the talent for the job, or that I just wouldn't be able to find the right fabrics, trims or even a pattern?
  • Do I have a budget that could accommodate the higher price of a true custom design, perhaps $150 - $400, instead of a boring stock catalog design of $80 - $150?

If all the above answers are YES, then do we have a deal for you!

Choose a Dance Team Costume Estimate from Satin Stitches

Read our informational page and fill out our form for your FREE TEAM COSTUME Design Sketch & Estimate.

Send a Costume Design Sketch to Satin Stitches

You need to email, fax or mail a sketch OR forward us visual inspirations (photos of your custom performance costume details) and a summary of what you are looking for. Please give us as many details as possible, in addition to your contact information and the other information that we request on our form (Step #2).

Choose a Custom Dance Costume consultation with Satin Stitches

Here's one of the scary steps! Our Customer Service person will grill you about your answers in Step 1, 2 and 3. Don't worry! - They won't bite and this will give us (and maybe you) a much better idea of exactly what you want.

Review your Custom Dance Costume sketch from Satin Stitches

At this point, our fashion design team will look over what you sent. We will recommend whatever technical or artistic changes may be needed to make a workable, producible, dazzling high fashion design. You will receive a fully detailed sketch, with fabric suggestions, for your approval. You may request changes to your sketch. Once you decide on an exact design, we will give you price options and discount opportunities at this time. You may request fabric swatches to be mailed to you.

Place your order for your Custom Dance Costume from Satin Stitches

You may order a sample PRIOR to placing your complete order IF TIME PERMITS. (There is a $200 SAMPLE FEE that will be credited to your order invoice once your order is actually placed.) This is our ‘no strings attached’ sample and is not necessarily made out of your exact fabric requests. OR as most of our customers do - place your order based on the sketch, fabric swatches and the pricing options and discount opportunities which we provided. We always provide a prototype AFTER your order is placed.

Receive your First in Production Sample from Satin Stitches

When your prototype is ready, it will be sent to you for your approval.

Choose sizes for your Custom Dance Team Uniforms from Satin Stitches

You pick your performance team uniforms size, using our similarly silhouetted Sizing Samples.

Send Custom Dance Costumes sizes and instructions to Satin Stitches

You send everything back to us so we can get working on your order

Anxiously await your Custom Designed Costumes from Satin Stitches

Now for the FUN part! Sit back and sip a latte, knowing that your custom performance costumes will arrive when you expect them, and looking and fitting exactly as you imagined!