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October E-News

Old information is new (and important) again, from Deborah!

Costuming-Sweating-the-Details-Productions-Magazine-Aug-17.jpgBeing a professional fashion designer since graduating with my fashion design degree several decades ago, I’ve picked up experience on how to design, create, fit and take care of all types of performance costumes. I truly enjoy sharing my expertise with all of you dance, cheer, show choir and skating coaches and choreographers, both in person and via printed or online materials. My article “Costuming: “Sweating the Details” was published by Productions Magazine in late August.


In mid-September, I traveled to Eugene, Oregon to present a well-received class, “Get the Most from your Costumes!” With an art college background and years of manufacturing experience, I have picked up valuable tips for your team’s performance costumes (design, fit, and ‘after-care’) to help maintain the longevity of your purchases from me. There is a wealth of information in the 10 years of blogs that I’ve posted. I also have articles on costume design that were published by niche dance magazines before the Internet, twenty years ago – that are still very relevant. Don’t miss out on classic design information and helpful ‘taking care of your costumes’ information.

I will be presenting a class titled “Team Costuming and Body Image (selecting the right look for ALL of your dancers)” at the upcoming the Missouri State Dance Team Statewide Coaches Conference event in mid-November. I hope to see ALL Missouri dance team coaches in this informative class!

With your hectic team’s schedule, remember that at Satin Stitches, we ALWAYS guarantee our delivery of your order. If we tell you it will be there, IT WILL BE THERE for you and your team! You will not get a call at the last minute to say, "oops, so sorry, but we are overbooked and can’t send you your costumes as promised". You can count on Satin Stitches’ delivery, quality and long-lasting durability of your team costumes and uniforms. And you don’t need your sizes immediately, as we offer generic Sizing Samples to help you pick your perfect sizes with 3 length size options in all of our sizes.

If you have been procrastinating, we may still be able to design and create your team costumes, with or without a Rush Fee. Please contact us immediately if you are thinking of new custom or customized costumes.

Please send your sketches or pictures of inspiration along with your completed free team costume design sketch & estimate forms to give us a better understanding of what you are looking for in a costume! Once we have all necessary information from you, we aim to complete your sketches within five business days. 

Be sure and check out our Web Store to see our customizable styles available in an abundance of color/fabric options. We continue with our Pastry Shoes SPECIAL OFFER: EVERY pair of Pastry Shoes that you order, you will receive a $5 gift certificate towards our dance/cheer/pom uniforms in our Web Store. 

HOT Costume Care 'TIP OF THE MONTH'!

Are you looking in your team costume closet and not liking what you see?

Perhaps you have...

  • Costumes that don’t fit your theme this year?
  • Costumes that don’t fit new team members?
  • Costumes that look sad or frumpy?
  • Costumes that just don’t have that "WOW" factor?

What can you do?

  • New theme? Brainstorm with co-coaches, directors or even team members, as to how to add something to existing costumes to help them fit your new theme.
  • New team members and sizes? Ask your costume source if they can duplicate your old costumes to make additional sizes that will fit your new team.
  • Costumes looking drab? Employ a talented alterations person or task a talented booster parent to give the costumes the ‘once over’ and refurbish as needed.
  • Lacking that "WOW" factor? To increase the glitz and glam, add rhinestones or accessories to refresh your look

And, finally, if you need a complete overhaul of your costumes, don't just let them sit in a closet somewhere to collect dust! Take photos and record sizes to sell your unwanted costumes to another group who just may appreciate a deal!  Then, with the funds earned from selling or lending out your costumes, you can purchase new costumes!

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