Frontlines, flaglines, silklines & color guard uniforms, auxiliary marching band uniforms - many different names, but all of these marching squads are outfitted by Satin Stitches®!

Also included in this performance costume category, are drill team uniforms, majorette uniforms and baton twirling costumes and even Drum Majors uniforms.

Because we are able to design figure-flattering uniforms for ALL SIZES, we are very popular in this arena. Satin Stitches believes in 3-D costuming. Your audience sees you from all perspectives - we design your uniforms to look great from all viewpoints.

"Satin Stitches® has made my job as a band director so much easier since I began using their services. The quality and workmanship of their outfits is outstanding. A great bunch of people to work with and I recommend them as the best in the business. Remember - listen to their ideas - they know what to do and you will be very satisfied every time with their outstanding product. Congratulations and thanks to Satin Stitches® - you have made my job so much easier and more enjoyable!" -LeRoy Lee, Director of Bands River Falls High School, River Falls, WI.

We don't simply sew up our version of your sketch - we carry on a dialog about what is important to you, what fabrics and trims you prefer and what will create the look you are going for. We give tips on what will "perform" better and what will be the most flattering for your body shape. For your team orders, we carry our Sizing Samples in all of our uniform silhouettes. When we send your team your "first in production" sample for you to critique, we send you our Sizing Samples for everyone to pick your perfect size. For solo costumes, we arrange for a fitting, via UPS when your costume is only partially completed so that you can critique and request changes to shape the finished product to be exactly what you want.