Deborah Nelson, Founder

I would like to thank every one of our clients over these many years.


I have had a phenomenal career with outfitting performance groups and individuals with our Satin Stitches’ high quality and great-fitting costumes for over 4 decades.

I have truly enjoyed the challenges of creating custom performance costuming for all ages and all body-types of talented performers.

I would like to thank every one of our clients over these many years. I would also like to thank all of the talented sewers, cutters, patternmakers, and designers, along with marketers and office personnel that have helped to make Satin Stitches the highly valued business that it has been, over the last 42 years.

My passion for sharing my expertise with anyone who will ‘listen’ by seminars, published articles, and my blogging, is a high point of my career, along with the recent acceptance of many articles of clothing and documents to the Minnesota Historical Society. Decades ago, we produced a monumental promo video showcasing Satin Stitches’ group design acumen.

I have officially retired from Satin Stitches and Mercedes Bergman has taken over everything from marketing through shipping with our custom costumes and uniforms. I am ‘passing the baton’ to my trusted associate, Mercedes, who I have tutored on ‘all things Satin Stitches’ for the past several years.

Mercedes, a talented and hard-working fashion designer, has been our Director of Operations: responsible for overseeing our costume manufacturing realm and coordinating the design, CAD patternmaking, cutting, construction and embellishment, along with working hand-in-hand with me. Mercedes knows every aspect of Satin Stitches and I feel comfortable and excited about Mercedes continuing the legacy and moving the company in a new and exciting direction forward.

I welcome all of you, our loyal clients to embrace Satin Stitches as your go-to custom costuming partner and feel assured that the Satin Stitches’ quality and attention to detail will continue under Mercedes leadership, in the coming decades.

Me? My wonderful partner and husband, Peter Rech and I hope to be able to continue our travels around the country and the world, including visiting with my children who live far from home!