Do you want a little (or a lot) of bling added to your
team uniforms or solo costumes?

Our costume specialists at Satin Stitches regularly add rhinestones to custom dance costumes and uniforms that we produce for our clients. Occasionally we receive requests for rhinestone embellishments on costumes and uniforms that have been manufactured by other companies, or to add more rhinestones to an already existing Satin Stitches costume.

We use only the highest quality Swarovski crystals, hot-fix rhinestones that can be permanently fused with heat or ultra-sonic waves. We don’t use messy glues or snagging metal attachments.

Let Satin Stitches be your rhinestone embellishments specialist!

For team uniforms, here is what you need to do:

  1. Email a photo of the costume or uniform(s) you need embellished, with an explanation of what you have in mind. We will discuss with you and offer a ballpark estimate.
  2. Send us an actual garment for us to embellish. We will then confirm the EXACT cost, based on how many rhinestones are used (including what color and size) and the labor hours that it will take to complete one garment.
  3. You need to approve your embellishment, or suggest any changes. We will be able to price out your changes, at this time.
  4. We will send you an invoice for the total, including the cost of shipping to return your fully embellished garments to you.
  5. You pay the invoice with your Organizational Check or Credit Card, prior to us ordering in your rhinestones and completing your project
  6. Turn-around time varies, depending on our embellishment department’s workload, but should be much faster than our Guaranteed Delivery schedule.

    You must check with us to confirm when we can guarantee your delivery.

A guide for costs:

  • Scattering on a single layer of fabric (not on a thick silk-screened area) with size #20 crystal rhinestones is the least expensive option. Colored or coated rhinestone costs are slightly higher. At our shop, we do all of our ‘scattering’ on unsewn pieces during the production of costumes and uniforms. Working with sewn garments is more difficult and takes longer to do, on a case by case basis.
  • Hand-placing rhinestones on a thick fabric and/or tackle twill or embroidered logo is more expensive, and it takes much longer than when we can use our ‘ultra-sonic rhinestone attaching machine’ which only takes a second or two to place and permanently fuse a stone in place. Hand-placing take approximately 15-20 seconds per stone. Sometimes we also need to do a final heat-pressing, to secure the stones to very slippery, surface-printed fabrics.
  • Size #20 (4.8 mm) is the smallest rhinestone size, which we recommend. The largest rhinestones that we generally recommend are size #34 (7 mm). The ‘in-between’ size is   #30 (6 mm or .25”), but only the basic colors of crystal and Aurora Borealis are readily available in this size.
  • With hand-placing, the farther apart the stones are placed, the fewer that will be needed. We regularly work with set at .5”, .75” or 1” interval-placements, with sometimes a request for more closely spaced.