Satin Stitches Simply SEW! Service for Group Costumes

  • Do you lust after unique, fabulously designed performance costumes, but feel that you cannot afford them?
  • Do you have visions of vivacious custom costumes in your head, but do not have a professional patternmaker on staff to create them?
  • Do you have hard-to-fit dancers without the costume design expertise to cut sizes that will fit them?
  • Do you have talented sewers ready to stitch and trim, but they lack the expertise to create the patterns?
  • Do you lack the time or expertise to cut costumes for your entire line?
  • Are you ready to embrace the peace of mind that working with a professional custom dance costume manufacturer can bring, rather than going through another season of costume drama and worries?

Our Service

  • You submit a sketch for your group costume, including quantity needed and estimated sizes that will be required, along with your delivery date.
  • We will re-sketch according to correct proportions, realistic construction methods and budget expectations.
  • We will quote ESTIMATED fabric, trim and notions costs, per garment.
  • We will quote ESTIMATED costs for pattern development, prototype creation, and cutting.
  • You place your order, based on the ESTIMATED quoted costs, with an approximate 50% deposit. We refigure your exact costs, based on the actual costs involved (with any changes you require – based on your prototype), and you pay the balance of your invoice.
  • We order your fabric, trim and notions, create your pattern, cut your prototype and sew it together.
  • We ship your prototype to you for you to critique. You try it on a Medium adult or child sized dancer, and request any changes. You return it to us.
  • We make your requested changes to your pattern. We grade your pattern to all the sizes that you need (you pick sizes off our charts, and based on the fit of the prototype.)
  • We cut all your requested sizes, label and bundle up for you.
  • You pay the balance of your invoice.
  • We ship your costumes for your sewers to assemble, along with your prototype to use as a guide.

Time Frame for our Simply SEW! Service


10 weeks from date of receipt of deposit*

* Timetable is valid only if no delays by the client with the return of the prototype & sizes and if the final payment received 1 week prior to the ship date.

* Also, if a second prototype is requested – allow an additional 3 weeks for creating a new pattern and prototype, and 1 week for its return.


Within 1 week Resketch & estimates
After receipt of deposit–within 1 week Fabrics & trims ordered
Within 3 weeks Pattern made, prototype cut & sewn
Within 1 week Shipped & received by client
Within 1 week Client must return prototype & provide sizes
Within 2 weeks Changes made to pattern & sizes created
Within 1 week All sizes cut
Within 1 week Final payment received/order is shipped

Payment – no quantity or prepayment discounts. Payment via school organization check, studio check, money order, wire transfer or credit card. No school purchase orders or personal checks.