Here are some heartfelt customer testimonials from our clients: for whom we have created custom designed cheer/skating/dance team uniforms and Show Choir costumes and choir/band/orchestra group concert dresses.

"I received the briefs yesterday. They fit Like a glove..they were sewn to perfection! Very happy and will order from here again. Thank you."


Web Store Customer

"Thank you so much for all your help with the dresses for our dance team. The dresses are actually perfect. They look great and fit perfectly! (Your sizers were exact!) Our pom dance is really good this season for competition but we looked unpolished in our old uniforms. When the girls put on the dresses, they looked so polished and beautiful. Thank you for your help putting together the color combinations. We just love them and enjoyed working with you. "
Whitefish Bay HS Dance Costumes created by Satin Stitches-1


Whitefish Bay High School Dance Team 

"WOW you’re done and you MADE OUR DEADLINE! I LOVE you guys! Can’t wait to see them!!!!! You guys are amazing to work with!"
Cedarburg HS Dance Costumes designed by Satin Stitches


Cedarburg High School Dance Team 

"Thanks so much for all your help. I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to afford Satin Stitches and your outstanding service and work. But...lo and behold...there was a way!! I appreciate all you do to help me help my students!"
Middletown HS OH Costumes designed by Satin Stitches


Middletown High School

"I love the way we communicate back and forth. You understand when I explain the special needs of my girls and appreciate my insistence that they feel good in their costumes. It’s a daunting task to take care of such a range of sizes, not to mention female personalities. I don’t take this challenge lightly. You listen, adjust, suggest and come through every time. I can’t thank you enough."

A Big Fan


Harbor City Music Company

"Finally was able to take a group picture with our uniforms! They are awesome! It has been a pleasure to work with everyone at Satin Stitches. You have been more than willing to guide me through fittings and answer ALL my crazy questions!"
Middletown HS Show Choir Costumes designed by Satin Stitches


Middletown HS Show Choir

"LOVE the dresses. So many compliments by students, parents, and faculty. If you are looking for a high quality, beautiful, and flattering on all body types uniform for your ensemble, the concert dresses are wonderful. Thanks so Much!
Eden Prarie HS Orchestra Dresses designed by Satin Stitches


Eden Prarie Highs School Orchestras

"Happy Christmas! I received the huge lot of costumes I purchased from you on Christmas Eve. I literally never feel compelled to write to express my complete and utter satisfaction with purchases I make, but I simply must in this instance. I am not a dancer; I’m simply somebody who loves wearing costumes. For years I’ve been a regular in the costume party scene in NY. I also love making my own costumes and customizing ready-made pieces. The costumes I bought from you are second-to-none in quality of construction, design and creative imagination. I literally couldn’t be happier. I held back and didn’t buy some of your higher priced costumes because I was nervous, but now I have no hesitations and can’t wait to buy them! Thank you SO much!"
eBay costumes designed by Satin Stitches

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eBay Customer

"The vests and red sequins shine brightly on stage :) Thank you again for an excellent job on the costumes and terrific customer service!! "
PAC Kids Costumes created by Satin Stitches


PAC Kids

"Wanted you to see our costumes in action. The ladies LOVE them and so did the audience. Lots of wonderful compliments. Please ignore our director. He was channeling Tina Turner while we sang “Proud Mary”.
Thank you so much for your hard work and speedy return on these. As usual, you all are THE BEST! "
Tune Town Tunics created by Satin Stitches


Tune Town Show Chorus

"Working with Satin Stitches was great. I love that we can order more uniforms whenever we need to and the process is easy and free of hassle. We are very, very happy with them!! Got lots of photos and the uniforms looked beautiful! Thanks so much – our team looks beautiful and we appreciate what you did for us." "
DP-301-Cedarburg WI Pom Costumes designed by Satin Stitches


Cedarburg Pom/Dance Team

"Thank you so very much. It is absolutely beautiful. The stitching and finishing are such high quality and the fabric is really nice. Thanks so much for your hard work. "


Solo Dancer

"The costumes were a huge hit! Many think it’s our best ones yet. Thank you again for always far exceeding my own imagination. You guys rock!"
Smithtown West HS Team Dance Costumes designed by Satin Stitches


Smithtown West HS Dance Team

"Our team purchased a sequin jumpsuit from Satin Stitches in 1998 and in 2000 transformed them into dresses. Here it is, 2018, and the team is still using these costumes! They look as great as the day we purchased them 20 years ago!"
Highland HS Team Dance Costumes designed by Satin Stitches


Highland HS Dance Team

"Satin Stitches has made and helped design my dance costumes (ballroom/swing) for 10+ years. Deborah Nelson and her team are fantastic! They recently made alterations to my wedding dress, which turned out incredibly beautiful. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else ... you won't be disappointed!"
Erica wedding gown altered by Satin Stitches



"The SCSU Hockey Cheer Team wants to thank you so much for making our BEAUTIFUL one of a kind uniforms! We all love them so much. We will for sure be coming back to you in the future for new uniforms! Thank you so much!"

Hockey Cheer Team

St. Cloud State University

"The dress performed beautifully. When they put on the dress, their posture and attitude took on a new personality. It helped make the character come alive in Cabaret...just what Marianna and I had envisioned. You were very professional to work with through all the changes...and also let us see your “real person” side. It was reassuring that we developed trust and respect on both sides during this major chorus project. Thanks again for hanging in there with us until we “got it right”


Costume Coordinator

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on Ed’s tail-suit! We so appreciate the wonderful customer service you showed us: getting us right in…, prioritizing us to the top of your list of projects, and of course, the excellent execution. Ed looks great in his new suit and of course, when we know we look good, we feel confident. "
Ed in tailsuit altered by Satin Stitches


Ballroom Dancer

“They were stunning on the floor - floated exactly how we wanted them to, and everyone commented on how beautiful they were! They looked SO good on the floor, especially when they did their pirouettes!"
Tualatin High School Dip-Dye Skirt from Satin Stitches


Tualatin HS Dance Team

“I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your work with our show choir program this year. Once again, your and your team’s work made our choirs look professional and unique. I hope that we can look forward to working together again in the fall of 2017."
Zionsville HS Show Choir Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Aaron B. Coates

Zionsville HS Show Choirs

“Thank you so much for everything you did to make my wedding gown absolutely perfect!! I never had to pull up the sleeves/straps once. What you did for Sandy, Anna and me was remarkable – we had so many wonderful comments about the dresses."
Wedding Dress Transformed by Satin Stitches


Happy Bride

“We have been wearing color guard uniforms from Satin Stitches since 1996. The outfits are extremely well made and have held up to many years of use. When our guard is on the street, we receive compliments wherever we perform. Deborah and her team are extremely easy to work with and were very helpful in designing our outfits. We could not be happier with the personal service and high quality craftsmanship we have found at Satin Stitches.”
Benson HS Color Guard Uniforms Designed by Satin Stitches

Brock Duncan

Director of Bands
Benson Public Schools

"I got them (my Pastry Dance Sneakers) the other day. Oh my goodness I love them. I have a glittery rainbow Betsey Johnson purse they match perfectly. I have already been stopped by ladies in my neighborhood, just getting the mail, who gushed over them (they wanted for things like Zumba etc. Love fun sneakers! The glitter panels are the good kind where the glitter doesn't flake off, it's the exact same material used on my Betsey Johnson purse. Thank you again. I kind of want to get more in other colors. They are really neat"
Pastry Dance Sneakers Available at Satin Stitches

Jenny Byers

Satisfied Customer

“I am for sure going to mention our positive experience with you again this year. While I think you are more expensive than some (don't take this as a bad thing) the experience requires less stress and work in the end and then it is worth it! We especially appreciate your dedication to meeting our due date – this is so important with all the stress involved with directing competitive high school show choirs.”
Totino Grace HS Show Choir Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Terry Voss

Totino Grace HS Show Choir

"...we won NDA Nationals again!!! We got so many compliments on the tops you guys made for us (as always). They were stunning on stage and sparkled just right...I tell everyone who asks about our tops how great a job you guys do. Not only are they always gorgeous, they really last. I have reused every top multiple times for multiple dances."
Smithtown West HS Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Tara Foglia

Smithtown West HS Dance Team

"This past season was the first year we ordered our pom uniforms from Satin Stitches. I was very impressed with Satin Stitches through the whole process, starting with sending in a personal design to have estimated, and ending with having our final product shipped directly to us. Everything was done in a very timely manner and everyone I worked with was very professional and wanted nothing but the best for our team's vision and budget. Our uniforms turned out way better than I imagined and I was impressed with how heavy-duty and durable the uniforms were created! For the rest of my coaching career, I cannot dream of creating and ordering uniforms through any other company because the products are great but more importantly, the service is outstanding! Thank you, Satin Stitches for being a huge part of a successful season!"
Ben Franklin JHS Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Cara Chase

Ben Franklin JHS Dance Team

"Grand Central Station has been working with Satin Stitches since 1998. Deborah and company have been great in helping us with design, fabric choice, style accuracy, and with sizing the costumes to fit every performer in a flattering manner. Because of the way the costumes are constructed, they can be easily altered to fit other performers as needed. Every year, our group looks forward to wearing costumes created by Satin Stitches!"
La Crosse Grand Central Station Show Choir Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Mike Esser

La Crosse Grand Central Station Show Choir

"Working with Satin Stitches was the best decision for our team's new dance uniforms. They really listened to our ideas and incorporated them. The uniforms turned out better then I could imagine!! Satin Stitches has such a friendly and helpful staff! If there is anything they can do to help or if there are any questions you have, they are right there to answer them. It's just a nice feeling and helps make the process of getting uniforms stress free, which is usually not the case. I can't thank them enough for the wonderful job they did and for all of their help! I recommend anyone needing new uniforms or costumes to go through Satin Stitches if you'd like to not only have beautiful outfits, but also great service!!"
Madison Edgewood HS Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Kristin Shafer

Madison Edgewood HS Dance Team

"Satin Stitches® has made my job as a band director so much easier since I began using their services. The quality and workmanship of their outfits is outstanding. A great bunch of people to work with and I recommend them as the best in the business. Remember - listen to their ideas - they know what to do and you will be very satisfied every time with their outstanding product. Congratulations and thanks to Satin Stitches® - you have made my job so much easier and more enjoyable!"

LeRoy Lee

Head Coach
Director of Bands River Falls High School, River Falls, WI

"We have qualified for our state championship contest to be held March 17th!!!! The costumes are the envy of each regional competition we attend. Thank you Satin Stitches for the outstanding job that you did. We look great; therefore we feel good; and we perform as champions!!!!"
Downers Grove North Athena Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Toni Royster

Head Coach
Downers Grove North Athena Dance Team

"We ordered our Christmas dresses from Satin Stitches to use in a few competitions this past season. The dresses were amazing. They looked great on the floor and every judge commented on how excellent and professional they looked. We got a perfect 10 out of 10 on appearance every time. We were looking for something that didn't scream Christmas, so we decided to custom make our outfits and the result was phenomenal. Satin Stitches was great to work with as well. When we wanted to change a part of the costume to go on the right instead of the left after the sample was sent, they changed it immediately without any trouble. I would definitely use them again!"
Marqwuette Mystique Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Lindsay Jordan

Head Coach
Marquette Mystique Dance Team

"We finally caught some nice images of the two piece Black Sequined uniform. We absolutely love them! They look great on the court! They really are a new fan favorite. The skirts are 11 years old, and they look new as ever out there, as you can see. Excellent quality and the pictures prove it! Thank you Satin Stitches for timeless quality!"
Portland Trail Blazers Dance Team Uniforms designed by Satin Stitches

Michelle Woodard

Performance Teams Manager
Portland Trail Blazers

"We LOVE our lace dress jazz uniforms!! We have gotten SO many compliments on them this year. Thank you for having the option of the Simply Sew! Service. It helped us get unique beautiful uniforms while saving money at the same time!"
Little Chute HS Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Beth Slater

Little Chute HS Dance Team

"My field uniforms are EXACTLY what I wanted and look great! I have received so many compliments on them. I will definitely be working with Satin Stitches again in the future!"
Crosby HS Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Heather Boerke

Cougar Star Director
Crosby HS Dance Team

"For more than a decade and year after year, Satin Stitches delivers amazing products and high quality customer service! It is refreshing that so many of our fans recognize how stunning our Signature Blue Costumes are, the compliments are never ending! Deb and her staff always go above and beyond in every aspect of the process and that is what brings us back every year! Thank you Deb & Staff!"
Detroit Pistons Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Rebecca Girard

Director/Choreographer for
Detroit Pistons Dance Team - Automotion

"As we begin our 7th season of working together, I want to send you a huge "thank you" for making our show choir costumes again!...I have a couple of observations: We have taken several top honors and think that the absolutely custom design and fit of the garments allows our students to have complete confidence in the way they look, which seems to translate to better performances. We never see them tug or pull at their costumes, nor have we had any costume "malfunctions"! Even though the dresses are more expensive than typical "catalog" outfits, we are able to use the outfits for more than one season. The generous seam allowances, sturdier fabrics (usually at your suggestion!), and quality construction make the garments a great value. Our groups never look like any other groups! We go to many competitions and never see our outfits repeated. I know your "code of secrecy" regarding what everyone is wearing in the current season helps with this."
Cedar Rapids Prarie HS Show Choir Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Lori Dickson Wiles

Cedar Rapids Prairie HS Show Choir Iowa

"...Emily's tap solo last year...the costume looked great on stage and we got so many nice comments. I really appreciated working with you...and it was great not to have to be rushing at the last minute. The workmanship on the costume was fabulous, I know that there was no way I could have even come close to this trying to do it myself. Thank you! "
Solo Tap Dancing Costume designed by Satin Stitches


Solo Tap Dancer's Mom

"...Not only are our uniforms professional, gorgeous and perfect for what we do but also the quality and timing was impeccable. Each and every game, without fail, we are complimented on our uniforms. We feel more united and professional as a team and we love the way we look too! ...The Hawkettes are by far the most professional looking Dance Team in the BNEFF organization with the help of you, Satin Stitches. We cannot thank you enough for your tremendous services and professionalism that you possess. The constant emailing back and forth just to make sure everything is perfect and dealing with our thousands of questions with the nicest responses even if the questions were a little on the obvious side. Thank you for making us look like not just a "Semi-Professional" team, but an actual Professional Dance Team....Your company is truly the best! "
NJ Bergen Hawkettes Cheer Team Uniforms designed by Satin Stitches

Dana Del Grosso

The NJ Bergen Hawkettes

"I wanted to send you a picture of the girls in their new performance tops. I can't tell you how many compliments we received at Just For Kix camp about how classy and sophisticated the girls looked...Thanks for creating such a beautiful piece for us."
Eden Prarie HS Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Lindsay Danielson

Eden Prairie HS Dance Team

"Working with Satin Stitches was a true pleasure. Deborah was so professional and helpful every step of the way. Our promo girl outfits were made in a very timely manner and came out looking great! Bite Me Energy Drink definitely looks forward to working with Satin Stitches again!"
Bite Me Energy Drink, Inc. Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Katie Classen

Marketing/Events Coordinator
Bite Me Energy Drink, Inc.

"Thanks again for the ice dance dress you made me for the United States Figure Skating Adult National Championships. The competition was a success and my dress was great!"
Figure Skating Dress designed by Satin Stitches

Kristine Galligan

Solo Figure Skater

"Simply Sew! was a life saver. We just didn't have all the funds needed to purchase the uniforms completely sewn. The uniforms came pre cut, labeled for each girl and ready to sew. The instructions were easy to follow. If you have someone who knows about sewing, it's the way to go. Thanks for the affordable option!!"
Center-Stanton HS Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Nicole Albers

Center-Stanton Centations and Center Elementary Dance Program

"I would like to take the time to thank you for the wonderful costumes you made for the Rochester Mayo Dance Team, they looked great performing throughout the season! Thank you for the great customer service and quality uniforms for our team! Looking forward to hopefully working and brain storming with you again this upcoming season!"
Rochester Mayo HS Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Jen Holubar

Head Coach
Rochester Mayo Spirits Dance Team

"We would like to thank Satin Stitches for the great costumes. They are very comfortable and fit like a glove. They also have amazing stoning. We would highly recommend them to other ice dancers for costumes!"
Ice Skating Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Piper Gilles and Zach Donohue

2009 US Junior Bronze Medalists

"Big thanks and appreciation go out to Satin Stitches crew that created the groomsmen and grooms wedding formal attire. When you first hear the words Star Trek Theme wedding; one might conjure thoughts of ill fitted sci-fi fanatics in poorly made outfits that “let’s face it” give the sci-fi fan the stigma of geek. My wife and I (especially my wife who was fine with the theme wedding as long as it wasn’t campy or cheesy) came to Satin Stitches armed with only pictures of a Next Generation era Star Fleet Officers Dress uniform. The end product, Deb and her crew produced an exact replica of what the Hollywood costume designers created and showcased on Star Trek Nemesis and Star Trek Insurrection. We highly recommend Satin Stitches for any of your costume needs! Thank you!"
Star Trek Themed Wedding Outfits designed by Satin Stitches

Stephen & Kathleen Noel

Happy Bride & Groom

"Satin Stitches' service and quality set the industry standard. I was particularly impressed with their attention to detail in executing samples, which was helpful in presenting the new Knicks City Dancer brandcostumes for 2007. The entire process of sampling to final production exceeded my expectations…and the KCD costumes were a hit on opening night!"
New York Knicks Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Michelle Harris

The New York Knicks City Dancers

"Deb and Satin Stitches are great to work with from costume conception to final product. They're a wonderful partner to our organization in helping create and establish the look and brand for our high-kick precision troupe, The Starettes. We are extremely grateful for the talent and creativity Satin Stitches brings to the table. Our audiences absolutely love and continually compliment us on the Starettes costumes!"
Starettes Dance Line Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Lynn Kohlasch

Producer & Starettes Director
Minnesota PerformDance Productions

"Satin Stitches has provided Blue Lightning with top quality uniforms for over 10 years. Not only does the team love to wear their uniforms because they are comfortable; figure flattering and extremely durable, but fans love them as well for how beautiful they are – on and off the field. As a coach I appreciate how easy Satin Stitches is to work with (even up here in the CFL!) and their patience; initially with me in my first year coaching (I had never designed team uniforms before) and still now, years later, with my very picky (often last minute) uniform demands!"
Winnipeg Blue Bomber Cheer Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Dena Clark

Winnipeg Blue Bomber Cheerleaders Canada

"Our team has ordered from Satin Stitches for years, but last year we decided to try a different company hoping we could save money. What a mistake. We did not save any money and the costumes began to fall apartimmediately. Satin Stitches makes top-quality costumes a dance team can use for years at a reasonable price. Plus we enjoy designing unique costumes with endless possibilities. From here on out our team will be ordering from Satin Stitches. Thanks!"
Spring Lake Park HS Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Heather Holasek

Spring Lake Park HS Dance Team Minnesota

"...our pink dresses. They are perfect! They fit amazingly well, and they are gorgeous! The girls LOVE them too, which is always a bonus when dealing with sometimes high maintenance high school girls. Thank you SO much for all you have done for us this year! Can't wait ‘til next year!"
Janesville Craig HS Show Choir Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Ben Schrank

Janesville Craig HS Show Choir Wisconsin

"Satin Stitches always does such a beautiful job on our costumes. Deb takes my 'out of the box' crazy ideas and turns them into reality...better yet she turns them into functioning costumes that last for years. On an annual basis, our team is complimented by coaches, spectators and judges throughout competition season for the creative designs, beautiful fabrics and high quality costumes."
Century HS Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Julie Kasper

Century HS Dance Team Oregon

"I received the costume yesterday and it's great, you did (as always) a wonderful job. I'm sure I will order something again in the future.)"
Figure Skating Costumes designed by Satin Stitches


Solo Figure Skater Illinois

"I have gotten so many compliments about my wonderful costume."
Miss Minnesota Pagent Costume designed by Satin Stitches


Candidate for the Miss Minnesota (America) Pageant