Satin Stitches

Satin Stitches was founded in 1978 by Deborah Nelson. Deborah built a talented team of design professionals to work with clients across the U.S.A.. Satin Stitches customers range from dance teams, show choirs, pro cheer, pom teams, to synchronized skating teams. Over the span of her career, Deborah contributed greatly to the design community as a speaker and writer, and many of her costumes are now archived in the Minnesota Historical Society’s permanent collection.

In 2020 Deborah retired and granted ownership to one of her longtime employees and designers, Mercedes Bergman. Aside from playing a significant role in the growth of Satin Stitches, Mercedes has a experience in creating high-end women’s wear, and is passionate about bringing quality products and craftsmanship to the world of dance and performance wear for Satin Stitches.


“world-class design and construction are among the many reasons why this company has been in existence for 30+ years.”

~ Kerry R.

Mercedes Bergman

Meet the owner

Mercedes has worked for several years as designer and CAD patternmaker at Satin Stitches while also independently creating her own high-end evening wear collections.

As a designer with an artist’s heart, Mercedes was called to fashion design for the challenge to create something beautiful while incorporating an element of functionality.

She is drawn to unique textures and gains inspiration through international travel and exploring new cultures. You can find Mercedes’ independent design work featured in Minneapolis runway shows and print publications.

University of Minnesota

B.A. in Art and Design

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Apparel Technologies

Lectra School, New York, NY

Modaris V8 CAD Training

Photo by Alexander Butterfield

Photography by Jose Castano Villalobos

Designs by Mercedes Bergman.