Satin Stitches® has costumed solo studio and ballroom dancers locally, and from all around the country for decades.

Because Satin Stitches® has been working with dancers of all ages, sizes, and shapes for over 40 years, we understand the wants and needs of these dance artists. Creating figure-flattering solo dance costumes and ballroom dance dresses for dancers without perfect bodies can be elusive and challenging for even the experienced costume maker.

Deborah, and her talented staff have dedicated themselves to creating costumes that flatter EVERY body shape. Deborah's aesthetic skills were honed with extensive fitting experience before, during and after completing her BFA degree (Fashion Design Major) - years before starting Satin Stitches®. And then by working with thousands of solo performers and groups at Satin Stitches®. Deborah has written many published articles over the years, which educate others on the "tricks of the trade" for emphasizing the positives and minimizing the negatives, for every possible figure type.

When designing for groups (so that everyone appears proportionately identical) and for solo performers, Deborah presents all design options in regards to creating the most flattering costume. Besides the obvious - exact necklines, waistlines, colors, silhouettes and so on - fabrics and any decorative details can influence how flattering a design really is. This is professional "couture" costuming by Satin Stitches®.

The process for a custom designed dance costume? Preliminary sketches are made by everyone involved: dancer (and parent, if necessary), teacher, and costume designer. Fabrics and trims are discussed, looked at and then decided upon. A plan of action is decided - either the costume is created from start to finish with the client only getting an updated photo or two during production, OR after the tentative pattern is made, the garment is then cut and basted together.

Finally it's time to try on the "masterpiece in the making"! This is an easy task if you live within driving distance from the Satin Stitches® suburban Minneapolis shop. BUT, we also offer this service for our long-distance dancers. We send you your costume so that you can try it on before it's finished. You can then have your teacher, parent or friend, help you with making the final fit and style decisions, send it back to us, and we then finish it up according to your specifications!

It doesn't matter where you live. You too, can have a custom designed and fitted Satin Stitches® one-of-a-kind costume, which is truly Designed for a Sensational Performance!

Deborah is a long-standing member of Fashion Group International, as well as a member of United Dance Merchants of America. As a founding member of the Editorial Advisory Board of "Dance Spirit Magazine", Deborah stays current on the dance industry. In this world of instantly changing fashion trends, Deborah is constantly researching what is happening in the fashion, dance, entertainment, and theatrical industries.