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Browse our many fabric options and colors to make your costumes one-of-a-kind!

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Solid colored performance fabric with maximum stretch.


Like tricot, but a heavier weight fabric.


A soft, plush fabric. Use for a rich, dramatic look.


Tricot fabric surface printed with tiny metallic dots. First word in the name indicates the color of the base fabric. Second word is the color of the foil.


A metallic holographic polka dot fabric.


Tiny glittery discs machine sewn onto fabric.


Sheer stretch netting. Finishes beautifully with a raw edge.


Sheer fabric, usually woven with a floral pattern.


Ornamental lace-like pieces stitched on top of a base fabric for decoration.


Round, brilliantly cut Swarovski crystals are applied to your costume using heat, which activates a durable factory-applied glue backing. The cost of your rhinestone embellishment depends on the type of stone, the approximate number of stones used and the method of placement.

Assorted Colors: There are many other rhinestone colors and varieties to choose from. Ask your designer about the possibilities, or for a recommendation.

Units of measure to know: 1 gross = 144 rhinestones.


Round metallic studs are an edgy embellishment option. The studs are applied in rows using heat, which activates a durable glue backing.

Dye Sublimation Printing

We offer dye sublimation printing services for custom fabric design. This is great for team branding options or to create a unique print that cannot be found elsewhere. Our customers are welcome to supply their own graphics or one of our designers can create unique digital artwork for a fee. Once the graphics are applied to a polyester fabric using heat and pressure, the design becomes permanently embedded. A quantity of 10+ costumes is required.