Illustration Services

Need help visualizing color combinations or deciding what fabrics to select?

Need help visualizing your online order? No problem! We will apply your fabric choices to a maximum of 3 digital sketches for a group (or 1 for an individual) and email you the files. Please note product SKU and fabric choices to be assigned to corresponding fabric number. Fabric reference images are below.


Your Fabric Choices

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Like tricot, but a heavier weight fabric.


A soft, plush fabric. Use for a rich, dramatic look.


Light, flowy fabric with a metallic finish.


Tricot fabric surface printed with tiny metallic dots. First word in the name indicates the color of the base fabric. Second word is the color of the foil.


A metallic holographic polka dot fabric.


Tiny glittery discs machine sewn onto fabric.


Sheer fabric, usually woven with a floral pattern.


Ornamental lace-like pieces stitched on top of a base fabric for decoration.


Round, brilliantly cut Swarovski crystals are applied to your costume using heat, which activates a durable factory-applied glue backing. The cost of your rhinestone embellishment depends on the type of stone, the approximate number of stones used and the method of placement. There are many other rhinestone colors and varieties to choose from. Ask your designer about the possibilities, or for a recommendation.

Units of measure to know: 1 gross = 144 rhinestones.


Round metallic studs are an edgy embellishment option. The studs are applied in rows using heat, which activates a durable glue backing.

Dye Sublimation Printing

We offer dye sublimation printing services for custom fabric design. This is great for team branding options or to create a unique print that cannot be found elsewhere. Our customers are welcome to supply their own graphics or one of our designers can create unique digital artwork for a fee. Once the graphics are applied to a polyester fabric using heat and pressure, the design becomes permanently embedded. A quantity of 10+ costumes is required.