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Celebrating Over 40 Years! est 1978

At Satin Stitches Ltd, we pride ourselves on producing hand-crafted, couture-quality custom performance costumes: right here at our showroom/production facility in suburban Minneapolis. Our talented fashion/costume designers have an important role in perfecting your custom designs.  We do not cut corners on the quality, fit or construction of your custom designed team dance, cheer, skating, and show choir costumes and dresses. You can only appreciate and understand our superior Satin Stitches quality if you see and wear our costumes, yourself. So, don't hesitate to call or email with questions about what we can do for your performance team!


Fill out our Team Costume Design and Sketch form, and attach a sketch or photo inspirations. Customer Service will contact you and verify your information. At this point, our fashion design team will look over what you have submitted. We will recommend whatever technical or artistic changes may be needed to make a workable, producible, dazzling high fashion design. You will receive a fully-detailed sketch, with fabric suggestions, for your approval. You may request changes to the sketch at this time. After you decide on the design, we will forward your price estimates. After you officially place your order, we order your fabric and trims, create your pattern and cut/sew/embellish your “first in production” prototype/sample and send you a set of our generic sizing samples, to help you choose your sizes. (Unless you are available to book an appointment at our shop.) Send everything back to us along with your chosen sizes, and we begin working on your order!


Exceptional Quality: Only the highest quality fabrics, trims are used. Hand-crafted construction and attention to detail will always be a top priority.

Exceptional Fit: In addition to our standard adult women’s sizes of XS-XL, we offer Child Sizes, and Extended Adult 2X-6X, ALL with SHORT, MEDIUM, and LONG torso, sleeve and leg or skirt lengths. We offer Men’s sizes, as well, so our clients can correctly fit ALL their group members. Additionally, when necessary, we will custom cut for someone that does not fit into our hundreds of size options, because we know that every group member deserves to have a performance costume that fits.

Style Continuity: The ability to re-order is an important financial and convenience consideration when selecting for new groups or making a style change. Our archived CAD patterns date back to 2003 to provide continuity in replacement costumes.

We specialize in: Custom Performance Costumes and Dance Basics, Formal and Themed Show Choir Dresses, along with Men’s Themed Outfits, Concert Dresses for Choirs, Bands and Orchestras. We offer fashion and Costume Design Consultations for help in creating Sensational Performances!

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