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Pro Cheer Audition Tips #2

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Jan 24, 2012 @ 15:01 PM

Former NFL Vikings Cheerleader, Melissa-Customer Service/Satin Stitches LtdHi! This is Melissa again, here at Satin Stitches! Deborah asked me to put together tips for dancers who are hoping to audition for Pro or Semi-Pro Cheer teams. Last week's blog dealt with audition outfits.

Now that you know what to wear for your audition (see Pro Cheer Audition Tips #1), let’s talk about how to get prepared physically.

Of course, teams are looking for young women who are healthy and fit. If you haven’t already, you need to start working out on a regular basis and eating clean. What does this mean? Cardio and weight training 4 –5 times per week and eating a diet consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Auditions themselves are grueling and game day requires a lot of stamina. You’ll want to make sure you can keep your energy up several hours into the audition. Don’t wait until a few weeks before your audition date – start NOW!

Look into dance classes in your area. Even if it’s not the exact style you will have to perform at auditions, just getting your body and mind back into learning and performing routines will help. Local studios and health clubs are the obvious places to go. Take a jazz, hip hop or Zumba class. They’re fun and a great workout. Also, practice dancing with your hair down. You’ll need to learn how to flip it gracefully out of your face – all the pros do!

If the team you are auditioning for offers a prep class, definitely go to it! These are a great opportunity to learn all about the process from start to finish. You may get a sneak peak at some audition material and will have the chance to ask questions. Remember to go to these classes in full hair and makeup. It’s important to get noticed right away as someone who is prepared and eager to learn. And, this is another opportunity to wear something fabulous from Satin Stitches-Custom or Semi-Custom Pro Audition Costumes

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