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Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Oct 06, 2015 @ 16:10 PM


What was your ‘Most Memorable Year’? I’ve had an interesting life, with many memorable years, but this week, I am dwelling on my wedding, twenty five years ago to my soul mate, Pete!

We heard many stories from this year’s Stars and also from several Pros, this week with music chosen to illustrate the Star’s ‘Most Memorable Year’ with dancing.

Alexa Mark

Alexa and Mark started off the show, dancing a Fox Trot. Mark wore a dapper suit with traditional white shirt, tie and fedora. Alexa wore a 1950’s inspired bright green, matte-finished, off-the-shoulder dress with satin bias-cut neckline banding and belted sash. A black petticoat completed her homage to the fifties, with this modestly cut costume.

Gary Anna

Gary and Anna then performed a Jazz routine, also showcasing the 1950’s era with Gary in a black suit with rhinestone trimmed lapels. Anna wore an elongated, modestly cut fuchsia bra-top that was rhinestone encrusted, with real straps and cute multi-colored flowers. Her matching organza skirt was cut to the natural waistline and was fun and flirty.

Tamar and Val Rumbaed in baby blue, with Val’s mostly open, woven shirt with black trousers, showcasing Tamar in a long skirted bodysuit with plenty of rhinestones. Her bodice include mesh and lace appliques on the front, and a center strip of bedazzled appliques down her back. Her slim, paneled skirt was created from a woven, sheer iridescent matching baby blue fabric.

Hayes Emma

All three of these costumes rated an 8 out of 10 from me – all were attractive but didn’t have that ‘WOW’ factor. Hayes and Emma danced a Contemporary routine with both wearing what could be described as ‘street apparel’ without the addition of a sprinkling of rhinestones on each. Hayes’ basic woven white shirt had light blue sleeves, pocket and collar that sparkled, and Emma’s flouncy white dress was sprinkled with rhinestoned butterflies. Contemporary costumes seem to always be underwhelming to me.

Alek Lindsay

But then Alek and Lindsay took the stage with the first set of dynamite costumes for this week! Manly Alek remained manly, even with bedazzled bronze stripes on his tuxedo-styled trousers, cummerbund and sections of his shirt. The non-bronze sections of his shirt were a glittery black. I absolutely LOVED his ensemble! To me, Lindsay took a back seat with her matching bronze Paso Doble costume with back skirt of the matching bronze, semi-sheer and very fluid metallic spandex. Her open backed costume was sexy and classy and complemented Alek beautifully.

Nick Sharna

Nick and Sharna also didn’t disappoint, with their leather Jazz costumes with studding trim and brass zipper detailing. Nick’s sleeveless vest over basic black was hot, and Sharna’s ‘onsie’ with motorcycle studded lapels and a legline that simulated a French-cut with the studding detail was also very hot. Both couples definitely wore ‘dance costumes’ of the highest caliber.

Carlos Witney

Carlos and Witney were very heavenly in their white Waltz costumes. Carlos wearing a non-costume but Witney bearing a long white chiffon gown with many slit panels and with sheer mesh sleeves and lots of beaded lace appliques and some stoning. Nothing spectacular, but suitable for their routine.

Paula Louis

Then Paula and Louis Cha Cha-ed in the week’s best costumes, in my opinion. Louis was very dapper in his gray glitter, and glitzy vest with basic white shirt and black trousers. His vest was very stylish. Paula, wearing a modest, sleeved shift dress with off-the-shoulder neckline, revealing a spangled bra-strap sparkled in her asymmetrical hemline. Her black dress was trimmed with thousands of rhinestones and beaded fringes, creating an ombre look because of the placement of all the silver to black and in-between rhinestones. This is a wonderful example of the trimming making the dress. The rhinestoning didn’t just trim the costume, but created a stunning classy design that was sexy and fabulous for anyone of any age or size or shape. It was my favorite dress of the week and Louis wasn’t an afterthought – he complemented Paula fabulously. They made a stunning couple!


Back to so-so costumes, worn by Andy and Allison for their Cha Cha. Andy did take off his untrimmed denim jacket to reveal a blue shirt with some scattered shoulder rhinestones and a glitzy horizontal yoke banding. Allison’s maternity costume (oh, we should all look so fabulous at 4-months ‘in the family way’!). It will be very fun to see what the costume designers do with her changing body over the season, if Andy stays in the competition. Her blue (although the tones didn’t match Andy’s blue) costume was appropriately high-waisted with short sleeves and lots of criss-cross strapping trimmed with rhinestones and some fringe. Allison’s costume was a few steps above Andy’s, unlike Alek and Lindsay’s successfully matching combo.

Bindi Derek

Closing out the competition this week, was Bindi and Derek dancing a Contemporary routine. Derek wore a white/gray heather Henley knit shirt with khaki pants, with Bindi wore a peach/nude chiffon skirted dance costume with matching spandex bodice, accented with a few rhinestones and a little ruching. Her skirt was beautifully flowing with a double layer of fabric and a flowing sash accent. The costume designers are keeping Bindi relatively modest, but not dowdy. Her hair and makeup are keeping her youthful looking. Her costume this week was pretty ordinary.

So while the stories were so interesting to hear, this week, with the exception of Alexa and Lindsay, Nick and Sharna and Paul and Louis, the costumes were pretty ho-hum. Next week is ‘change up week’ so I’m hoping for the costume design department to ‘change up and improve’ some of the costuming!

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