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DWTS Season 24 Week 3 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Apr 04, 2017 @ 19:04 PM

Group Shot Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique Blog‘Dancing with the Stars’ started a new tradition this week, with ‘Vegas Night’. The opening sequence of dance vignettes was very fun, showcasing all the cliché’ Las Vegas activities. This theme is perfect for DWTS – with lots of corny, over-the-top songs and costumes.

Nick and Peta Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique Blog Nick and Peta danced a Tango with Peta in a rather sedate black costume with a 3-D collar and a huge Vegas playing card on her front midriff. It was sort of ho-hum. But I LOVED Nick’s burgundy jacket with tasteful front banding with the addition of clumps of cards and just the right amount of added rhinestones. He accessorized with a side stripe on his trousers and a bare chest. His costume was tied for my favorite ‘boy costume’ this week!

Kym and MrT Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique Blog

Mr. T dance the Fox Trot and Mr. T was so very dapper in his white tailcoat tuxedo, which of course was sprinkled with rhinestones – heavy on the lapels. Kym’s silver/white, woven tissue lame skirt was decorated with ostrich feather tufts and featured a middle-connect bodice with lovely real straps, yet still displaying her very open back. A fun dangling of beaded fringe accented the side-front open section of her skirt and the bodice featured a flattering ‘V’ decoration at the center front. These costumes were very classy.

Sharna and Bonner Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique BlogSharna and Bonner Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique Blog

Bonner and Sharna danced the Charleston with Bonner in a vest and trousers ensemble with subtle pin striping in a deep blue. Sharna wore a beige/gold 1920’s influenced costume with a beaded fringed skirt. The front of Sharna’s costume was very pretty. The back and the side were NOT pretty because her straps on the front ended in ‘no (wo)man’s land’ on the side and back. I find this design/construction more annoying than my ‘pet peeve’ of too many nude elastic straps. The straps should continue, not just end un-naturally. You can sort of see what I am referring to in the photo.

Julianne and Derek Hough then treated us to a sneak peek of their upcoming dance tour. Tasteful costuming and intense choreography helped tell the emotional story of their parent’s divorce.

Alan and Heather Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique BlogThen Minnesota’s Alan (taking Maks place) danced the Tango with Heather, with both wearing nude costumes, which continue to be ‘on point’ in the fashion world. The costume department did a beautiful job of interpreting Brittany Spears’ stage costuming into a Ballroom Tango costume. Zig-zag seaming attached the bodice to her gored skirt. And the concentration of rhinestones covered tastefully on her long-sleeved, high-necklined sheer mesh costume. I’m not sure what the woven, interfaced fabric was that created Alan’s nude suit (not a birthday suit, BTW), but it glimmered and featured rhinestoned bedazzling on his lapels. I loved this set of costumes!

Keo and Charo Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique BlogCharo and Keo danced the Fox Trot in pastel powder blue costumes. Keo wore a 1970’s-looking, black trimmed suit and Charo wore a frothy tulle pastel powder blue wedding dress. It worked! Again, this week, the costume department was able to create an over-the-top costume for little miss over-the-top Charo! Her costume was pretty and feminine with the matching blue and crystal rhinestone embellishment on her bodice and layers and layers of tulle that did NOT overpower.

Sasha and Simone Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique BlogSimone and Sasha then danced a Quick Step. When Sasha wore an ill-fitting Elvis costume during their rehearsals, I cringed. But I’m happy to report that when the costume department was given enough time to create this couples’ costumes for this week, Sasha was wearing a properly proportioned, and well-fitting, white Elvis costume with just enough glitz and campiness. Simone’s feminine Elvis costume was ‘spot on’. It fitted her and their choreography very well. The nude mesh that held her bodice in place was perfect: you didn’t notice it, and it did the job!

Nancy Artem and Peta Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique BlogAfter showing us ‘the meeting’ with Ricky Martin, Nancy and Artem danced a dynamite Samba! Nancy was very effervescent in her open backed, jade/teal halter costume. The very 3-D sequin and beaded fringe was placed over a base skirt (for modesty) and cut in a deep ‘V’ design. It was perfect for shaking her ‘bon bon’, which she did, exceedingly well. With her svelte figure, the deep ‘V’ on her bodice was also flattering and added to the classic, tailored look of her costume. Artem’s ensemble was rather boring, with a couple of skinny trim pieces outlining his lapels etc. I noticed that his basic black cummerbund became dislodged during their dance, and revealed a slice of his waistline, including his belly button, before he was able to adjust it and pull it down. Note: be aware of when costume parts can move, as if they can, they will. Sew them in place so they DON’T dance on their own.

Dave and Lindsay Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique BlogThen there was an interesting Jazz presentation by David and Lindsay. Magic Mike. Oh my…. Lindsay wore a leather-looking vest and pant ensemble with a lacey-lingerie looking under costume. It had the ‘right feel’ for their routine. David, with a horde of hunky men, wore a sleeveless white dress shirt under a rhinestoned vest with tear-away trousers. And then yes, he ripped them off to reveal loose red rhinestoned boxer undershorts and a nude undershirt that featured painted-on abs. Wow! What else can I say?

Erika and Gleb then danced the Jive with Gleb in a unique one-sleeved deep green velvet tuxedo jacket for, showing off a white shirt sleeve on the other arm. It was a fun costume – I liked it, and it reminded me of the MC for ‘Cabaret’, the stage show. Erika wore a more traditional saloon-girl style costume with bustier design features on her bodice, and real straps, in a matching deep green.

Rashad and Emma Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique BlogRashad and Emma danced the Samba with Rashad in a softly draping, bright orange woven shirt and coordinating white trousers – both pieces could be street clothes. I really liked Emma’s coordinating rhinestoned orange costume with narrow white belt. Her underwire bra was bejeweled in a crystal and orange pattern, featured real straps, and her shorts rose to her natural waistline and featured cut-out sides with narrow rhinestoned bands attaching the front to the back. Their costumes were very classy. I liked their simplicity and that they didn’t look overly ‘costumey’.

Normali and Val Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique BlogNormali and Val closed out the competition with a lively Fox Trot. Val’s pin-striped suit was the opposite of Bonner’s subtle pin striping. Val’s was bold, with a 40’s look to it. I really enjoyed Normali’s bright red middle-connect costume with draped bodice, real straps and tailored, slinky liquid-looking red holographic sequined, yet soft, drapey skirt. This tailored skirt fit Normali exquisitely and her entire costume was flattering and danced beautifully. Val and Normali made a very dapper couple.


All in all, the costuming was top-notch this week, with just a couple of boring ‘boy’s costumes’ and a minimal of unappealing details on the lady’s costumes.

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