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DWTS Season 24 Week 6 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Apr 25, 2017 @ 16:04 PM

Week 6 of “Dancing with the Stars” presented a new theme: “Boy Bands vs Girl Groups”! As themes go, I guess it was OK…

Simone and Sasha in action Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueSimone and Sasha danced a Samba to Destiny’s Child with both in fabulous costumes. The costume department took their cue from last week and designed and constructed a costume for Simone that had a very similar silhouette to last weeks – hence, it fit her frame well. The couple’s costumes were edgy/’Mad Max’ styled with leather-look and metallic stud trimmed – no ‘pretty/girlie’ trim for this routine. I enjoyed their costumes!

Bonner-and-Sharna-Satin-Stitches-DWTS-Costume-Critique.jpgBonner and Sharna then danced a Rumba to the Back Street Boys with Bonner in street apparel and Sharna in a pastel blue semi-sheer, lingerie-looking costume. Her costume was pretty (with lovely lace) but visually didn’t coordinate very well (for me) with jeans and an open white shirt.


Nancy and Artem danced to En Vogue with a formidable Paso Doble. I wasn’t impressed with Nancy’s bustier bodiced costume, although I appreciated the silver skirt lined with black. I loved Artem’s costume with creatively textured leather-looking jacket with sophisticated white piping creating a wide side ‘stripe’ on his trousers and dramatic detailing on his bolero jacket. His ensemble was very ‘modern/fashion forward’ not ‘old school’ Paso. It was very chic.

Nick-and-Peta-Satin-Stitches-DWTS-Costume-Critique.jpgNick and Peta danced the Jive with beach outfits paying homage to the Beach Boys. The blue flowers, accented with rhinestones gave just the right amount of glitz for Nick’s pink shirt. This was a simple costume that worked well, and could be duplicated easily by most amateur dancers. I loved Peta’s retro pink swimsuit with very cute 3-D skirt ruffles. Her ruffled armbands slid off, but completed her very modest, yet bedazzled 50’s bathing beauty theme.Normani-and-Val-Satin-Stitches-DWTS-Costume-Critique.jpg

Normani and Val danced a sassy Salsa to the Pussycat Dolls. Their costumes fit with their visual theme, but I didn’t appreciate them. Val wore construction worker’s togs with dropped bib on this overalls and reflective yellow vest and hardhat. Normani ripped off her blouse to reveal a bejeweled white ‘bra’ which was paired with her short print skirt. I’m not sure why…These were my least favorite costumes (as they really weren’t…) of this show.




But then David and Lindsay performed an Argentine Tango to NSYNC in very sophisticated and classy costumes! I loved Lindsay’s asymmetrical cranberry lace costume. If I were shaped like Lindsay, I would definitely add this costume to my closet! David coordinated with a deeper shade of cranberry, wearing a classy maroon suit with leather-looking banding trim. His ensemble would look great on any guy.




Rashad-and-Emma-Satin-Stitches-DWTS-Costume-Critique.jpgRashad and Emma then danced a Tango to a Four Tops, an ‘old school’ boy band, complete with sequined jacket for Rashad. His jacket seemed to be some sort of busy 2-color sequined design with black trim on the lapels. It was really too busy, with all that going on. I would have preferred a more classic 1-color sequin fabric with more classic lapel trim. Emma’s gown was ‘interesting’ (refer to ‘how to talk Minnesotan', here) with at first glance, her bustline seemed sheer. Thankfully at second glance, there was a rhinestoned pattern over the bustline area to alleviate the ‘oh my, she is naked’ look. I NEVER like to think that the ‘naughty bits’ are showing on ANY costume – it is very disconcerting! I enjoyed her feather fluff at the neckline, though.
Maks-and-Heather-Satin-Stitches-DWTS-Costume-Critique.jpgHeather-Satin-Stitches-DWTS-Costume-Critique.jpgHeather and Maks presented a Rumba with TLC music. Yes, everyone is crabby because they were voted off, but come on, of course we know they are incredibley great dancers, but it is a P-O-P-U-L-A-R-I-T-Y contest, people. Many have been complaining for weeks, that Heather should be off the show because she IS a dancer and had an unfair advantage on the show. I figure, if I can’t watch Minnesota’s Alan dance with Heather, ‘be gone with ye’! I do love Maks as much as anyone, and he was magnificently manly in his all black ensemble. Heather was stunning in her beautifully draped, lace and charmeuse satin, red asymmetrical costume. It wasn’t as gorgeous as Lindsay’s lovely costume, but almost!


This week ushered in a second dance for all contestants. This week we had 4 boy celebrities and 4 girl celebrities, so we had an evenly matched ‘boy vs girl’ dance competition. The boys started off in blue sequined jackets, sleeveless white shirts, black ties and black pants. Their partners wore matching blue sequined dresses. The boys then ripped off their jackets and then shirts to do their ‘Magic Mike’ routine before adding gold satin baseball jackets. The girls then removed their skirts to reveal fringed briefs that they then added matching gold satin baseball jackets. Adequate costumes, but nothing special.

Girl-Band-Satin-Stitches-DWTS-Costume-Critique.jpgGirl Band Costume-Satin-Stitches-DWTS-Costume-Critique.jpgThe girl team didn’t do a costume change, but wore identical A-line dresses, in 4 different colors. Their partners wore a leather-looking lapel trimmed black jacket with basic tuxedo trousers. The dresses were adorned with color-on-color rhinestones and were minimalistic and classic, but yes, rather boring. The dresses included real straps, which of course, I enjoyed!

All in all, this week’s costumes were mostly ‘ho-hum’ with just a couple of highlights. I look forward to more inspired costuming next week, along with lots of great dancing (minus Maks and Heather)!




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