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DWTS Season 27: Week 6 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Oct 30, 2018 @ 16:10 PM

DWTS Group Costumes Satin Stitches Costume CritiqueSpooky and scary…who will go home this week? After our scare last week, but with no one going home after all, did everyone worry that two couples might be eliminated?? I did!

With only nine couples in a two-hour show, it’s now much more relaxing for me – I have a few segments where I can just enjoy the spectacle! And yes, I enjoy quietly viewing the costumes worn by the Troupe and Pros when they perform as filler for the competition.

There were so many Zombie-like costumes, especially for the women dancers this week, I’m going to give ‘shout outs’ for those I loved, and then ‘tisk tisk’ those I wasn’t thrilled with.

Juan Pablo and Cheryl Jive Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesMy absolute favorite costume was Cheryl’s gold Egyptian costume, dancing with Juan Pablo during their Jive performance. It had 1920’s influences in its design. It had fabulous textures and classy trims and features. It was stunning! It was a golden performance! We saw that Juan Pablo fancies himself a costume designer (doesn’t everyone these days???) so we saw him sketching costumes, conferring with a costume department person, and then we saw his finished product. My reaction? Well…his costume was adequate, but it didn’t ‘wow’ me. In fact, from first glance, it seemed a bit feminine. I think the chest/necklace treatment could have been a stronger design. The minimalistic sleeveless tank with sash was a little ho-hum. But maybe that was the best option to accompany Cheryl’s fabulous costume!

John and Emma Paso Doble Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesJohn and Emma Paso Doble Costumes 2 DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesI loved John and Emma’s Paso Doble costumes! Their costumes were a mash-up of Henry the 8th and Beetlejuice themed apparel, and I loved both costumes. I enjoyed the detail with the black and white striping, combined with metallic gold/pink brocade. A few details added the illusion of the theme, with Emma’s crown and ruff collar, and faux medallion neckline and capped shoulders for John. A nice amount of rhinestoning accented their regal costumes.

Sharna PlusBobby and Sharna danced an Argentine Tango with stylish costumes. Sharna wore a pastel pink lingerie slip look dress with spandex and satin charmeuse (with lace and rhinestones). The only visual flaw on her costume was the utilitarian back nude elastic that was about 3 shades too dark to make it ‘invisible’. Really???? Bobby’s ensemble was ‘edgy’ and classy. I enjoyed the uniquely cut and textured lapels and cummerbund that accented his basic jacket and trousers to create an almost futuristic look. These costumes were both lovely.

Joe and Jenna Argentine Tango Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesAs far as Zombie-like costumes, I enjoyed Joe and Jenna’s Frankenstein-inspired Argentine Tango costumes. Besides Joe actually really getting into his dance performance more than previous attempts, his rugged brown tweed jacket with hoodie presented the proper ‘look’ and Jenna’s abbreviated silver chiffon Bridal gown was pretty, especially with her wrist ruffles. It was feminine and flattering.

Alexis and Alan Jazz Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesThen we enjoyed hearing about Alexis and Alan and their Jazz routine. OK, well, we enjoyed hearing about their ‘chemistry’ and we enjoyed Alan being shy and uncomfortable hearing that Alexis was sharing on national television that she had ‘feelings’….hey, what guy doesn’t want to address such a declaration, even in private, right? In any case, I loved Alan’s costume. I always love monochromatic color combinations, and I love unique, interesting guy’s costumes. Alan’s deep plum cutaway jacket with fun lapels and cuffs, paired with slightly darker trousers and shirt with a neck cloth. His costume was an homage to historical themed menswear. Alexis wore a cute, (faux)-fur-trimmed Radio-City Rockettes-esque jacket/dress with hood and cat ears and heart-shaped front trim. This costume fits into the ‘cute’ category, not the classy category and I didn’t appreciate it nearly as much as Alan’s costume.

Evanna and Keo Tango Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesEvanna and Keo danced a contemporary styled Tango, wearing leather (or leather-looking spandex). Keo’s leather jacket was impeccably tailored, with no embellishment of any kind. Evanna’s tight, leathery costume included a long back skirt (very Paso-like) with minimal jet black stoning outlining her neckline. Her cat ears helped us conjure up images of Cat Woman. She had classy, crisscross strapping on her back. Sometimes ‘less is more’ and this is a good example of costumes that created a very classy look, with minimal embellishment.

Milo+WitneyMilo and Witney performed a Contemporary routine with non-cliché ‘Contemporary’ costumes (thank goodness for Halloween!) Although Witney’s white nurse costume was forgettable, I really enjoyed the detailing on Milo’s Zombie straight-jacket costume. The metal detailing enhanced the look of his shredded and ripped white togs.

DeMarcus and Lindsay Salsa Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesDeMarcus and Lindsay danced a Salsa with emphasis on DeMarcus creating hip movements. I confess that if I were attempting a Salsa, I would also need extreme help in creating the correct Salsa gyrations and hip movements. My minimal hips are firmly attached to my back, as noted by Lindsay when she worked with DeMarcus. The costume department basically pulled a ruffled tuxedo shirt with matching yellow bow tie and cummerbund from the 1970’s and called it a costume, for DeMarcus and for his accompanying guy/pro dancers. Easy to do, for any guy, right? Lindsay wore a very cute yellow Zombie dress with lots of class and sass. But unfortunately you will note the way-too-dark ‘nude’ elastic on her shoulder. That was disappointing.

Mary Lou+SashaMary Lou and Sasha’s Tango costumes were ‘cute’ but also disappointing (for me). With this week being their last hurrah, I would have liked a sexier costume for the recent divorcee…but their costumes fit the story of their routine. Mary Lou’s schoolmarm getup was attractive (as far as non-sexy schoolmarm costumes go) with tweed skirt, dotted Swiss blouse and a scattering of rhinestones. A boy’s school uniform is an easy costume to pull together for Sasha or any guy dancer.

Pro troupe Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueMy favorite non-contestant dancing was the ‘Pros in the hallways’ routine with everyone in black costumes, some accented with colors. I really enjoyed the in and out of hallway rooms and trading partners, creating great visual flow.

Now on to our REALLY scariest week of our fall, with news, ads, discussions and then the results in regards to the mid-term elections. VOTE everyone. It is really important this year!

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