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Hot Costume Care Tip: How to Replace Missing Rhinestones

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Dec 03, 2018 @ 06:12 AM

We occasionally get asked: How do we replace missing rhinestones – what is the best glue?

Years ago, we recommended any ‘super-glue’, but currently, we have decided that the easiest glue to work with, is a glue named ‘Loctite Super-Glue–Control Gel’. This is what we use, when we need to glue anything that isn’t ‘HOT FIX’.

Why do we love it? Well, instead of being a runny, messy thin liquid, as most super-glues, it is thicker and easier to control. And it dries within a few seconds, not minutes or hours.

If you are still in the ‘stone ages’ (pun intended) in regards to your gluing habits and are still using a ‘tacky’ glue – modernize and pick up a Loctite bottle at your local hardware store. It is so much faster and less messy!

All you need is a little ‘dollop’ of the gel on the back of a rhinestone. (We use a T-pin, but a toothpick or a tweezers could also be used.) Then hold it in place for 15-20 seconds (by pressing down with a rubber guard on your finger) until the glue has dried. You will have a permanent, non-messy bond with your Swarovski rhinestone and your costume, dance shoes, handbag or Smart-phone case!

We ALWAYS use Swarovski rhinestones  ‘HOT FIX’ with the glue already on the back, which attaches by heating up the glue (or use an ultra-sonic device) to attach the rhinestones. We can permanently fuse a rhinestone in a split second or up to 15-20 seconds depending on the size and location of the rhinestone. How about your rhinestone attaching methods? If they take longer and don’t permanently attach immediately, consider changing your methods.

If you would like information on designing with rhinestones – check out my “Rhinestoning 101” blog first!

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