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Summer Museum Field Trips

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Thu, Aug 16, 2018 @ 15:08 PM

As we head towards the fall, make good use of the summer weeks that are still available. Don’t put off those trips any longer. Be sure and fit in at least a long weekend or two before the ‘official’ summer is over. It’s easier to count on OK weather before the snow starts falling!

I plan many of my trips – business and personal, around what museums might be available to visit. If you don’t do this, consider it! At least as part of your travel adventures. And if you can’t travel too far, investigate museum options in your area. The internet can be your best friend with this quest.Aretha and Elvis - Rock & Roll Hall of FameHall of Fame-Prince

I have already completed several quick business trips this summer, and I have taken my own advice and booked a particular personal weekend getaway to the Cleveland area. (Why, you ask?) –No, I don’t have family or friends here, but I wanted to to visit the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame – where I hoped to see many costumes, and then the house and museum with ‘A Christmas Story’. These two museums have been ‘on my list’ for many years, and I am excited to say that I have just returned from completing this particular museum trip! I took in many costumes from the Hall of Fame and even a few from the other museum. Flash photography was not allowed, so many photos are not the best…The Supremes and Michael Jackson - Rock & Roll Hall of FameLeg Lamp- Costume Photos display

My husband and I have a big vacation trip planned for early next spring (hopefully AFTER the snow is done for the year…) and YES, I already have a list (with web links) to over a half dozen costume/clothing museums that we just might have the time and opportunity to visit. Maybe we will only make it to one of these, but if I didn’t research what was available, I could possibly miss a wonderful opportunity.

Being in the fashion/costume world, colors, shapes, and textures are always exciting to me! Even at a classic car show, I enjoy viewing the different shapes, colors and features of all the vehicles. Surprise museums (to me) might be transportation museums or local history museums – nearly ALL include some historic costuming. I delight in finding a historic costume or uniform among the trains, planes or automobiles.

Last year, in ‘The History of Las Vegas’ Museum, there was a wealth of costumes displayed – and wonderful information on who settled the area, why they settled the area, and displays and documentation on what the water pipes looked like over a hundred years ago. “Who knew” the saying goes… Well (pun not intended) after my visit to this museum, now I know! To me, history is fascinating and of course if it is clothing history, even more so!

I also love art glass and watching glass being blown and formed. Again – it plays to my interest in colors, shapes and textures. I’ve had the opportunity to visit several glass blowing establishments and art glass museums, including the Kosta Boda Art Hotel in Sweden! (I was tipped off by the locals) to this ‘museum’ in a hotel with art glass fixtures and furniture in their incredible bar – a place you need to see, to believe!

My suggestion is to Google ‘best museums’ in any particular area where you might be interested in visiting. You will see lists of all kinds of museums, complete with daily hours, which is very important. A few years ago, I planned on visiting a particular museum – I didn’t check the hours ahead of time, and found it closed maybe 10 minutes before we arrived. That was disappointing!

And of course I love to view historical clothing and costumes, but you can sort/look by all types of options to find fascinating and obscure museums that just might be perfect to explore, whether in a big city or out in the country somewhere!

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