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Totino Grace Show Choir Costumes

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Jan 18, 2017 11:00:00 AM

“Company of Singers” Varsity Show Choir started their competitive season last week.


Totino-Grace-Show-Choir-Costumes-Sample-for-Satin-Stitches.jpgThe soloists' costumes near the beginning of Totino-Grace HS show choir's performance titled ‘Ready Set Go’ were inspired by this doll. 

(We accept stick drawings to finished works-of-art and anything in-between to convey what is wanted!)




Examples of sketches that we present to our client before we create the custom pattern.

This photo was taken during a rehearsal in December.



This photo shows the ‘finished’ performance with their stage set.
Our Satin Stitches’ costumes are shown as part of the finale of their performance set.


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