What's at the top of our wish list this season? Fabulous photographs of you, our clients, wearing your Satin Stitches costumes, of course!
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December E-News

Crosby-Ironton HS Dance Team Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

We have had Fall, and now we are into the Winter competition season in the High School Dance World. Our show choirs are putting the final touches on their upcoming routines. Pro-teams are well into their seasons, dreaming of making the playoffs! Yes, the costumed world that we live in, is well under way.

As you might have guessed, this is the time of year that we finally start to see your gorgeous custom creations (that we’ve worked so hard to complete) out on the performance floor!

What's at the top of our wish list this season? Fabulous photographs of you, our clients, wearing your Satin Stitches costumes, of course!  Please send us either action or posed, high resolution photos of your team wearing your new Satin Stitches costumes and we will send you a special HOLIDAY GIFT for your efforts!  After working so hard to complete your garments, we truly get so much joy from seeing our finished product in action! 

Satin Stitches employees are as hardworking and trustworthy as Santa’s elves! Like Santa's favorite helpers, we continue to offer our guaranteed delivery time frames, regardless of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. If you are still in need of costumes or uniforms this season, please send us your information via our Team Form or Solo Form and our talented design staff will make your costume dreams a reality.

HOT Costume Care 'TIP OF THE MONTH'!

Do you need LAST MINUTE sizing alterations for
any of your costumes?

Work with a seasoned, professional alteration person or company (such as Satin Stitches), who should know what is possible or not.

Here are a few general guidelines:

  • Extensions can be added to the crotch of a leotard to extend for a longer girth. (More can be added it you are adding a skirt, pant or short over the leotard).
  • An added section of fabric can be added below the waist area of a biketard, if the biketard is worn with a skirt over it.
  • Decorative belt-style bands can be added to lengthen the torso of everyone’s unitard.
  • If design features aren't in the way, side seams can be taken in. The center back on a costume may also be taken in.
  • If matching fabric is available - a gusset (added piece) can be seamed into the side seams or center back of a garment to extend the width.
  • Collars can be extended. Pant legs and sleeves can sometimes be extended. Both can be shortened or taken in.
  • Bodices can be nipped in to create a more contoured shape.

There are many creative options that COULD be used if you have a little imagination and sewing expertise!

Satin Stitches Ltd. is the only national custom costume manufacturer that specializes in high quality dance, show choir and procheer costumes and uniforms that was founded by a professional fashion designer. Satin Stitches Ltd. was created nearly 40 years ago, and has always specialized in custom performance apparel.

For more information:
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