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October E-News

Andover Warrior for eNewsHalloween is just around the corner. Are you trying to run away from the haunting news that time is short for ordering for Fall and Winter Delivery?

For CUSTOMIZABLE designs, we have VERY budget-friendly designs in our Web Store – where you automatically receive a huge 20% Discount when you order 5 or more of any team costume or uniform.

Depending on the specific style/fabrics, this could be as quickly as 6-12 weeks for groups.

Call or email for your GUARANTEED delivery dates for Web Store Customizable styles.

*Did you know that you can order a sketch with your chosen fabrics filled in, before you place your Web Store order?

You also MUST allow enough up-front time for sketching and estimating (on our end) and debating (on your end) for FULL CUSTOM.  Check out our Ordering Info Web Page with these schedules, possible discounts, size charts and lots of other pertinent information!

HOT Costume Care 'TIP OF THE MONTH'!

Be Aware of the Shortcomings of Today’s Costume Fabrics & Trims 

  • All colors are NOT available, in all fabrics – we must work with what is available. Generally, stretch knit fabrics do not match non-stretch woven fabrics.
  • Costume fabrics today, are not generally expected to be laundered, they are made for SHOW and perhaps surviving a handful of performances.
  • Holographic fabrics will not launder well, and many surface-printed fabrics will also not launder well (such as popular ‘Mystique’ and foil).
  • Lesser quality fabrics used to cut costs, with many catalog companies may not have the full stretch that you expect.
  • Many higher quality fabrics were created for their glitzy look, and may not have enough stretch.
  • Open weave/knit performance fabrics, such as many lovely sequined laces will not stand up to excess stretch and are not very durable. At Satin Stitches, we line them to increase durability.
  • Extra care in sewing and wearing, is needed with sheer, woven fabrics such as chiffon for durability.
  • Textured fabrics if not under-lined, may be itchy and scratchy, which is why at Satin Stitches, we line them.
  • Colors may not be color-fast, if rigorous performances are the norm, as bright colors can run onto white, even if pre-washed.
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Satin Stitches Ltd. is the only national custom costume manufacturer that specializes in high quality dance, show choir and procheer costumes and uniforms that was founded by a professional fashion designer. Satin Stitches Ltd. was created 40 years ago, and has always specialized in custom performance apparel.

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