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Sport Band Legging | V-Waist

Order these V-Waist sport banded leggings for your NFL, NBA or college cheerleading or dance team! Customize to your team colors and pair with one of our basic or sporty tryout bra tops or crop tops.

Extra High Waisted Shorts

  • Extra high waisted dance short Pro-Fit
  • Include a double-layered waistband that reaches your natural waistline for a retro look.
  • This short can coordinate with most audition tops and also can work into your dance or cheerleading team workout wear uniform.

Ruched Circle Skirt

This old-school sexy circle skirt (it drapes with a full hemline) with ruched (gathered) mesh waistband with Pro-Fit shorts can coordinate with many dance or cheer team tops. Fun and flirty and with a bit of hip coverage defines this style. Add scattered rhinestones (as shown) to add the glitz factor. Create your cheerleading or dance team performance look with this beautiful skirt.

High Waisted Double-Layer Mesh Skirt

Looking for a bit of modesty with your tryout costume? Pick this high waisted Pro-Fit short with attached skirt consisting of 2 layers of mesh. The waistband is double-layered for comfort and style. This mesh cheer skirt can coordinate with our mesh trimmed audition tops or with most of our basic dance or NFL cheer costume tops.

Hi-Rise Short with Mesh Accents

Our wide waist-banded shorts feature side panels of sheer mesh for a great tryout outfit for your professional NBA dance or NFL cheer team. Order plain or with crystal rhinestones and pair with any of our audition tops to complete your look.

Custom Team Zip-Up

Jacket with hood and heavy-duty separating front zipper. The hood is lined with the accent fabric (that matches the waistband, sleeve banding and the strung-through-the-collar-ties. This warm-up jacket can be branded for your NFL cheer team or your NBA dance team, along with college teams. Additional fabric colors can be available for large teams. Fee for this Foxes logo stoning is $92 plus group art fee.

Color Blocked Tryout Skirt

This is one of our classic cheer/dance skirts that can easily be paired with most audition or team tops. This low-rise pull-on skirt features side slits with side color-blocked detailing and attached briefs.