How to Save on Team Costumes

How to Save on Team Costumes

As a costume and performance wear manufacturer, we understand how expensive costumes can get. We have come up with a few ideas on how you can save money on your team costumes below!

  1. Design Details:
  • Intricate designs are beautiful and can make a costume feel extra special but these kind of design details are usually the culprit. To save money, we recommend eliminating any design details that cannot be seen from a distance. Squint and look at your sketch or image and imagine that you are 50 feet away. If you cannot see certain details, get rid of it.

    If you insist on keeping some intricate design elements, you can simplify the backs of your costume. This will also allow your team to create an unique front design which is generally seen more than the back.
  • Rhinestones and labor for rhinestoning can get expensive at a manufacturer. A great way to save cost is to do your own rhinestoning and other embellishments. This allows freedom of creativity on the design and rhinestone colors. To learn more about rhinestoning, here.

2. Fabric Details:

  • Custom design fabrics such as sublimated designs, printed and non-stock fabrics can rack up the cost. Stock fabrics are fabrics already in house on our production floor, ready to be cut and sewn for your costume!
  • Limit the fabrics used in your custom costume. Costumes that use many different types of fabrics will add cost to cutting and sewing.
  • Limit the number of colors used in your costume. Again, the more colors you add to your costumes, the more it takes time for cutting, sewing and changing thread.

3. Discount Promotions:

  • Almost every USA costume manufacturer has early bird specials and is happy to offer discounts if you can order the off season. Satin Stitches offers an Early Birds Special every spring up to 20% off, which can add up to BIG savings allowing for room in your budget to have more design details or specialty fabrics.

We will be sharing a how to rhinestone at home tutorial next month! If you have questions on where to find quality rhinestones or how to rhinestone, please reach out! We are here to help!

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